Diesel Exhaust Fluid

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So what is urea?

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), is an Aqueous Urea Solution made with 32.5% high-purity urea (AUS 32) and 67.5% deionized water. DEF is used as a consumable in selective catalytic reduction (SCR) in order to lower NOx concentration in the diesel exhaust emissions from diesel engines.

As part of the Clean Air Act of 1970, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has mandated that all on-road diesel vehicles manufactured January 1, 2010 or later must reduce the harmful NOx emissions. All diesel vehicles from class I to class 8 are included in this requirement.

Need Pumping Equipment? Sun Biodiesel can help.

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Sun Biodiesel delivers only API Certified DEF meeting the ISO 22241 in the following quantities:

Bulk Truck Load

330 Gallon Tote

275 Gallon Tote

55 Gallon Drum

5 Gallon Bucket